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Friday, June 1, 2012


Not long ago a young brand of condoms Gartelle arranged an interesting excursion to the production of its products.  That is to say - "Open Day".   I was fortunate to be among the photographers and bloggers who were shortlisted, and I went to Thailand to learn how to do what we so ashamed to buy in pharmacies. 

    1.  Arriving at Bangkok Airport.  See you there.  

 2.  That's how they greet people)) It's funny!  All the same, Asia - it is the other) 

3.  We went on a bus with tourists.  Oh, why - I do not know, but we did not care - but fun)

4.  That's actually the factory itself, where they make most condoms.  Thai Nippon Industries.  On it you will learn more in the video below.

5.  To begin with, where does the latex.  It is obtained from the Hevea tree sap.  We have shown, these plantations.  Rubber tree (Hevea) belongs to the family Euphorbiaceae mainly cultivated in Southeast Asia (country's leading manufacturer of latex - Thailand).

6.  Hevea - a tall tree, covered with brownish bark with white bloom, and in appearance resembling a fork (like the trunk of her forks at the top) with a single tree obtained from 3 to 7.5 kg of latex per year. 

7.  And now pictures from the production.  Much of the text will not write, who are interested - all described in detail in the video, which I'll post the last one.  Then - only photos with insider production.  It begins with a dipping forms into latex.

8.  Each condom is held electronic testing ... 

9.  Testing ... and by air (at maximum volume).  There is usually with condoms, randomly selected from the party. (I think these people do not get scared when they shatter around the ball)

10.  Further there is a foil (or in simple words - packing in a form familiar to us) 

11.  And even bigger.

12.  After that condoms are packed in boxes according to their numbering, model, and so. 

13.  As you can see everything is manual labor by a large number of Taek)

14.  More ... You should have seen how fast they do it ... just unreal)

 15.  They generally imperturbable))) 

16.  Well, then going to the box sealing tape ...

17.  Filling in the boxes .. 

20.  And in this way the product is coming to us in Russia   But the fate of these products - I think it is no secret, and tell her I will not be


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